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We will run through the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing and bug fixing, while creating and maintaining applications, frameworks and other software components through our well-developed team of first, second and third line support.

Software design is not just about building a application - it's about making an investment in your organisation.

Prepare Requirements

At the first step, it is important to gather all the functional and non-functional requirements of the product. For that, project managers talk to stakeholders, conduct research and create an image of potential users through exploration works.The results of such research are usually compiled in a Software Specification document.

Think About UI/UXDesign

During the design stage, our software team starts with developing the visual solution of the product. This part of the process is known as user interface design, and it stands for how users perceive the app.

However, software design is much more than only visuals. The interface structure, user flow convenience, and general user interaction are covered by UX design. It means that the app design is user-centered, aimed at exploring and satisfying the user needs.

Focus On Coding

In the third step, we finally get down to coding the concepts listed above. Here, the development team implements all models, business logic, and service integrations specified in the prior stages.

The coding stage is usually the longest, as it is the cornerstone of the whole process. The development team follows the software requirements to build a product that lives up to the stakeholder’s expectations. If the previous stages were carried out thoroughly and the conditions are clear, the development stage should not be a trouble.

The development stages proceed from alpha, beta, and release candidate to product build. Once the entire architecture (DB, API, etc.) and planned functionality of the solution is built, the testing stage starts.

Quality Assurance

At the QA stage, our testing specialists discover and inform about the problems that arise while using the system. The testing frameworks may vary depending on the project, including automation and/or manual testing.

Operations Stage

Finally, the application goes on to be deployed in a live environment. This stage involves deployment, support, and maintenance necessary to keep the system functional and up-to-date.

In Waterfall methodology the software development cycle stops here, whereas in Agile the development team would start the whole cycle anew with a new iteration of the product.

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