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We make branding look easy

Whether you need foundational business stationery or help with brochures, magazines and promotional artwork, our team of graphic designers can help. Through creativity, innovation, and lateral thinking along with digital tools, our team transforms designs into interpretation.

We offer a wide range of branding services, including video animation, VFX and 3D character modelling through our VFX and Modelling team. This could include creating green screen TikTok videos, advertisement videos for businesses or even making a 3D model for your company’s mascot.

Design is more than what meets the eye. Design is how it works. Design isn't just the identity of a company, but the job of a lifetime.

A strategy is figuring out what not to do

The first step is perhaps the biggest. As a company, ask yourself:

who are you? What is your purpose, beyond merely profit or product? What difference does it make that you as a brand exist? What are the values at the core of your brand, your central beliefs?

The answers need to be clear and articulate enough to dictate the internal and external workings of your business.

Your strategy should consist of specific objectives that mark different points of your brand creation. To put your strategy into actionable items:

  • Understand who you are.
  • Identify who you are trying to reach (your target audience).
  • Clarify what goods and services you offer.
  • Position yourself among competitors.

Marketing without research is like driving with your eyes closed

To best position yourself in a market, you must first understand that market. Building a brand strategy without knowing your target audience or your competitors is just shooting in the dark. To figure out what makes you different and better than your competition, you need to know who they are and what they offer. You also need to understand whom they reach. This helps you more precisely focus on who your audience is and how your brand can appeal to their unique desires.

This is where our group of designers come in! We analyse your brand and compare your brand to the group of competitors in the market and see the types of USP (Unique Selling Point) for each business and see what is missing within your business and how we can grow your business further.

To better understand your market, we take these 2 approaches:

    • Create buyer personas. In addition to consulting data analytics, we also put our self in a buyer’s position by creating a narrative about them. A buyer persona is a fictional “character” made up of the statistics and beliefs about your target customers.


  • Identify your competition. This step is about positioning and differentiating yourself. What works for your competitors and where is there room for improvement? How can we carve a niche in this particular market.

Your style guide is your most loyal brand protector

Though often considered “optional,” brand style guides go a long way for ensuring the success of your branding process. All the work you put into understanding your brand and designing your brand elements is wasted without a style guide to keep track of your choices.

The style guide is a technical resource that outlines how to use your brand assets in no uncertain terms. All successful brands have a style guide for the usage of their logo and branding assets.

In summary, your brand style guide assures that your design choices are consistent no matter where your assets appear or who’s handling them.

Your brand style guide usually involves sections governing your:

  • Brand story
  • Voice
  • Logo usage (especially if you have more than one)
  • Imagery
  • Color palette (with exact color codes)
  • Typography

Try not to be the same, but rather try to become unique

Your brand identity is made up of tangible, recognizable brand elements that work as a cohesive whole. The main objective of every brand identity is to create something distinct and recognizable by customers.

The identity brings your brand to life and turns it into an experience, something customers can interact with. Your brand identity comprises distinguishing verbal and visual features, as well as an overall personality.

Pinpointing these elements is potentially the most creative part of the branding process.

Things we take into consideration are:

  • Brand name. What are you called?
  • Color palette. The colours used in your branding need to work harmoniously with your identity.
  • Typography. A few main font types for your brand works well for consistency and recognition.
  • Brand voice. If your brand were a person, how would it talk? What would it talk about, and what tone would it use?
  • Additional elements. There are many branding elements to pick and choose, and your brand needs will determine which ones serve you best.
  • Logo. Designing your logo is a pivotal point in your branding process. As the main representative of a brand, your logo practically drives the rest of the brand design.

Creating a brand is only the beginning.

We will help you develop your strategy so that your branding is consistent in all communication, as well as experience. How do you interact with customers at different phases of the experience? Are you concerned with the contemporary issues that may be important to them?

To work on brand awareness, most companies have a calendar through which they set specific branding goals. The most important thing to remember in this phase is that your brand is a growing venture. Leave enough space in your branding process to allow room for changes without losing your core.

Just the logo

1 primary logo design and 1 logo variation. (Plus your choice of 1 branding collateral elements to choose from once you click purchase)


Light Branding

1 primary logo design and 1 variation. 1 logo video animation. 1 social media cover art. (Plus 2 branding collateral elements to choose from once you click purchase)


Full Branding

1 primary logo design and 2 variation. 1 logo video animation. 1 advertisement video. 1 social media cover art. (Plus 5 branding collateral elements to choose from once you click purchase)


VFX and 3D Modelling

1 3D Model and 1 VFX Video created bespoke through liaising a script with client